What do jer maine Mora’s out?

MoraAccording to the always swift SecondsOut, and it’s a great site when the topic isn’t Roman Greenberg, Sergio Mora has pulled out of the forthcoming clash with undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermaine Taylor because of fears the proximity of Memphis to Taylor’s home town could affect his chances of winning. Personally, I would think the fact Mora is about two leagues below Taylor in terms of class, power, ability and experience would provide all the problems Mora needs. The fight could be in Mora’s living room for all the difference it would make to the outcome.

Suggestions Mora is walking away from a purse in excess of $1,000,000 further underlines the stupidity of the decision, Mora is after all the winner of Contender Series 1 and little else. I cannot contemplate another avenue that will provide that type of remuneration and more importantly, any pragmatist would tell you Mora has nothing to lose in a bout he would be an overwhelming under-dog in.  He could only have gained or maintained his status quo as a bankable TV fighter with limited horizons. Defeat wouldn’t change that. Victory, however unlikely, would have catapulted him into the major league for pay-days.

For Taylor, who was looking at Mora as an easy, TV friendly defence following the Hopkins and Wright fights and on the back of a disappointing show versus Kassim Ouma, himself a light-middle, now needs to cast the net further for a suitable opponent.

Using those parameters, Cory Spinks has been mooted which would tick lots of the boxes for an easy defence. Taylor would be a giant next to the former Welterweight and Light-Middleweight champion.

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