The Contender Arrives in the UK

RossFollowing success Stateside, the Contender concept will take its bow in the UK later this year and will feature a host of Welterweight/Light Middleweights with much to prove.

Provocatively pitched against American counterparts including Cornelius Brundage and Grady Brewer, the likes of Ross Minter, Wayne Alexander and Nigel Wright will seek to grasp the undoubted noteriety and attention the series generates.

ITV, who screened the American series and act as sole terrestrial partner to British professional boxing, will showcase the six week series. A perfect opportunity to reintroduce the hardship and beauty hidden beneath the fighters ring demeanour it represents a major opportunity for the participants and the sport to recapture much of the British public’s lost interest.

With ESPN screening the show in the US, there may also be new careers forged for ageing punchers like Wayne Alexander, who looked finished when knocked out by French journeyman Serge Vigne in December – and bring young Ross Minter the kind of headlines even his father, former middleweight champion Alan Minter, would have relished.

I for one can’t wait for the first bell.

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