PR: Bobby Gunn

Gunn2Press Release: 05/06/07

I wrote earlier this week about my soft spot for the eccentric American pug Bobby Gunn. A fighter plucked from obscurity to face Enzo Maccarinelli for the WBO title and then plunged back to the tank-town circuit following his one round massacre at the hands of the towering Welshman. However, another day another twist. Joe Mack from Rock Hard Boxing, the organisation that projected Gunn and cared for his interests has gone public with an acidic blast that leaves no stone unturned in Mack’s quest to malign Gunn’s name. Despite the obscurity of subject, it’s a must read release. 

An open letter to the boxing community regarding Bobby Gunn from Rock Solid Boxing taken from

The original letter / press release from Joe Mack has been removed, much of the content was proven to be inaccurate and/or untrue and despite requests for clarification no further substance was provide to legitimise the allegations made. Though the article proved an important episode in the timeline of exchanges between Rock Solid Boxing (Joe Mack) and Team Gunn I’ve elected to delete it in the interests of all parties.

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  1. Gunn deserves the chance to fight for this title in New Jersey. I challenge all of the smack talkers to get in the ring with him if they are so well studied in the field of boxing. Gunn deserves credit for getting to where he is today. I have boxed Gunn, and I will tell you this, he does hit like a truck. If he lands a solid punch on Ademek, Ademek will take a nap and Gunn will take his title. I”ve got to know Bobby Gunn and he is a stand up guy just treying to fullfill a dream just like the rest of us,”those of us who actually have been in the ring” may be when he knocks out Ademek you guys will all get back on line and apologize. Notice that everyone id talking about Gunn? Good luck Bobby.


  2. im sick of these 3rd world fighters talking smack no 1 gives a shit and only wants to see big names in big fights in big places like vegas and msg not the middle of wisconsin give me a break


  3. Anne,

    It is unfair to assume all travellers or gypsies are thiefs or con artsists, simply put that is racism.

    And it is equally unfair to judge Bobby’s behaviour in this case when you have no idea of the facts involved.


  4. Recently, I have researched Bobby Gunn’s family history. He comes from a gypsy or traveler, if you would like to call it that, family. They are professional con artists. They steal from stores, elderly, and close friends as well. There is not much good that come with gypsies. They think about themselves and rarely others. In the USA a clan started called the Williamson clan. Bobby Gunn’s grandfather or great grandfather actually played a big role in this clan. It would not shock me is Gunn actually did all this that you are saying.

    I’m sorry this happened to you and I hope karma or something will get him back.

    Bobby you are goin down! 🙂


  5. My name is Michael Reiter and I was going to fight on the Landberg Vs. Gunn card but was medically suspended due to a knock out loss 29 days earlier when I took a fight on 2 days notice with a guy 42 lbs heavier and I had been inactive for several years. However, I was in Landberg’s corner during the fight and I watched Gunn throw butts and elbows in startling numbers. I am 0-2 in boxing but I am a Muay Thai fighter and would love to have Gunn get in the ring with me. We can let it play out any way you like Bobby. I looked in your eyes that night and told you that I would love to fight you. So how about reaching down and checking if you have a pair…… if so please call me. 414 208-6176


  6. Boxing fans, don’t be fooled by these negative comments. They are all left by the same guy going under different names. His real name is Joe“Joe Mack”Mcewen, the so called writer and ex government agent. We are talking about a guy who thinks aliens impregnated his wife. Hey little Joe, the real reason your wife can’t have a kid is you can’t deliver. This guy is under criminal investigation for harassment. He’s just mad because he tried to steel from Bobby Gunn and got caught. He lives in his brother’s attic and is broker than his mother’s face. Joey, do your self a favor, stop it. Where is your deadly throat move now? Joe Mack is “A liar, a thief and a coward”, not to mention a psychopath, ask Marc Brown.


  7. Last i herd joe mac was living between canada and iowa. the gunn thing caused him a big money lose and he is trying to work with some canadian boxing promoters or something likt that. i think his wife left him because of the boxing busines and moved back to indiana, although I have not spoken to him in a few months, he seemed to just vanish. weird tho


  8. A Liar? A Coward? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    My name is Marc Brown and my partner and I sponsored Joe “Mack” McEwen’s first ever fight card he promoted. (If that’s what you want to call it).

    Joe signed a contract with me stating if the fight failed, which it did miserably, Joe would pay us back out of the proceeds from an upcoming medical lawsuit he was waiting on. In addition I gave additional money when the fight went over budget which he signed a personal promissory note for.

    Since the fight, Joe has refused to take my calls, and the few times I have been able to make contact with him, he has just spewed lies and more broken promises. The lawsuit has now been settled, and Joe was paid, but we have not seen a dime.

    It’s funny to hear him say how Gunn pretended to be a friend, then stabbed him in the back. And to say how he was refusing to take calls, and the rest of the BS McEewen talks every time he opens his mouth or pushes a pen.

    If anyone knows where Joe is, I’d love to know. He has mostly been out of the country and made it difficult for us to find him. If anyone can tell me where to find him, please let me know. I can be reached at 813-477-8380. I will also be happy to furnish any proof of the things I stated here.

    What comes around goes around Joe. It’s pretty clear to me you got exactly what you deserved. Karma’s a bitch some times!

    It’s a shame it’s come to this Joe – this was your decision.


  9. Hahahahahaha, Joe Mack ‘the boxing expert’ didn’t mind all the lies when it was making him some money. What a clown!


  10. Its easy to talk and say some one is a this and that if gunn did do any of this for real and you think hes a bum why dont you get in the ring with him? you know why you wont joe mack because no matter how good gunn is or isnt he would tear you a new a hole byby


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