‘Bad’ Chad Dawson Arrives at One Seven Five

ChadAt 6-3, with telescopic reach, solid technique, authoritative power and a southpaw stance Chad Dawson struck most informed observers as a young man with undoubted potential. Now aged 24, and a new arrival in the WBC champion’s lounge – a comprehensive destruction of champion Tomasz Adamek earning him the belt – Dawson is suddenly hot news.

In the light-heavyweight division, a new broom is overdue – Antonio Tarver, Bernard Hopkins, Clinton Woods, Roy Jones and Glen Johnson still sit aloft the weight class and all are at the veteran stage, and more than one is shot. It’s possible that fact alone, probably coupled with his lofty height –  that encouraged the American to jump past the 168 pound class and campaign in the classic division. In Calzaghe and Kessler he would have faced more demanding opponents closer to their respective primes.

As a British observer, I’ve seen Dawson twice – destroying the game but over matched Jamie Hearn in the UK and before that in a routine loosener against an anonymous American deep on an under card Stateside. He’s a welcome arrival, and with youth and genetics on his side and Mayweather Snr’s defensive tutelage added to his sound grounding with Dan Birmingham – with whom he felt neglected behind Jeff Lacy and Winky Wright – his future looks rosy.

I’d back him versus Tarver and Jones tomorrow – Woods and Johnson, both more motivated and resilient would be tough match-ups and it’s hard to predict against Hopkins but at 6-3 he would surely force Hopkins to come-forward to negate his reach advantage. Interesting contest.

Welcome ‘Bad’ Chad Dawson

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