Arthur Not King Yet

Guzman2Guzman2Shrewd matchmaking earned Alex Arthur a shot at the interim WBO Super-Featherweight title recently, a fight he won – having started slowly – and with champion Joan Guzman looking very unlikely to make 130 pounds again, the stop watch on Arthur’s ascension to the full title started. For the time being, the watch is stopped. Guzman is adamant he will make Super-Featherweight to face Arthur.


First he faces Humberto Soto in November, a fight that eats four months out of the six-month window he has to tackle the likeable Scotsman, as stipulated by the WBO. It looks highly unlikely a bout between the two, presuming Guzman comes through the Soto fight victorious could be arranged and sold.

It leaves Arthur in limbo, waiting on the activity of others. I had the fortune to catch up with Ashley Theophane the British welterweight contender currently training in the states. He’d been sparring with Guzman, not only marvelling at his incredible talent but also how on earth the Dominican could claim to make 130 pounds and still be effective. According to Theophane he was around 155 pounds during their session.

Frank Warren, Arthur’s promoter, repeatedly comments that he doesn’t feel Guzman will box at 130 pounds again and that in all but name, Arthur is now champion. But it will be six months before anyone will be sure.

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  1. How on earth did he ever make 122?

    He looked a solid Light Welter when i saw him last

    Arthur – Barrios next year, after he looses to Marquez


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