Holcomb Squeezes Gunn’s Trigger

Bobby Gunn4The self-sustaining Bobby Gunn saga continues. Jeff Holcomb, the fighter reported to have been left in a pool of his own blood by Bobby Gunn (according to Gunn at least), is pursuing the 33 year old from Hackensack for a rematch. And the tension between the two American club fighters is growing. In the latest installment Holcomb 11-5-1 (5) continues to suggest that Gunn is both a liar and avoiding his clamour for a rematch. 

“Bobby Gunn is crying and lying…..again. Lets make it simple Mr.Gunn.  I will box you for free any where and at any weight you pick.  I will close both eyes this time.  The only sad thing about my back is that I will have to put you off for a few weeks because of my back problem. When our fight was stopped I was ahead on points.  Your eyes were swollen shut and I told your guys that you would not make it two rounds with Enzo. Guess what, I was right.  If what you say is true, fight me. Its free and I will take you out in four rounds.  Then I”ll get to laugh at all of the crying and excuses I hear from you afterwards.  The reason that you don”t realize you were actually behind on points is because you can’t add.”

Holcomb continued “Oh and its not good to be talked about when you were beat silly in a few seconds by Enzo.  Why don”t we box again so I can tell this to you.  And you story about ko’ing me and I could not get up for 10 minutes must have been a dream you had. It sure never happened. All you say is based on lies and propaganda. Tell me when we box, I”ll be there, early. Its simple, just name the time and place if you can or if you will.

Will you? My number is (423)421-6580.”

I’ve heard fighters insult their opponents manhood, mother, race, religion and appearance. But Holcomb is on new ground with his disrespect for Gunn’s arithmetic skills.

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  1. Hello all. I would like to make something clear. The only time I have ever met Joe Mcewen is the night that I boxed Bobby Gunn in Nashville,Tn. He also told me that I was winning the fight and it was bad the way the fight ended. He paid me my purse in full on the night of the fight and I have not seen him or spoke to him since.I did recieve a voice mail from Gunns new manager. After hearing it I am certain that he is about as loony as Gunn is. If he wants to talk to me he simply needs to leave a contact number. My offer to fight gun still stands. He said I couldn”t fight Gunn again until I win a few fights. Thats odd since Gunn just fought a man that was 0-11 or something like that. I have a winning record.Peculiar,huh. Let me respond to the above comment about club fighters. There are some great fighters out there who don”t have the backing that lesser fighters do, so they don”t get to the top. I personally have fought lesser fighters and lost due to injury or illness just because I did not know when I would be able to fight again after that, so I took the chance.I gained valuable experience that I needed since I had no ametuer boxing matches, I learned as a pro. I fought as an amatuer kickboxer only . It was a bad decision in hind sight but I did what I thought I should do and defeat will strengthen a person if he can use it constructively. Remember its hard to work all day and train to fight 8-12 rounds. Even Gunn deserves credit for committing to that. I’ll bet the guy Andrew who commented above has never boxed a single round. I respect any man who has the courage to get in the ring. It takes a lot of heart.I hope Gunn will show some and box me again. He would be a good fighter to get a win against.I may be getting older but I think I”m better than I was 10 years ago. By the way this is a great web page. Thanks for having it David and the rest of the guys.


  2. contact Frank Warren’s people and they will tell you how Joe attempted to steal the 30 grand FIFTEEN MINUTES before Bobby’s fight and this will of course be mentioned in the court of law!


  3. As you can see, Joe Mcewen {rock solid boxing} is a loser. He has nothing better to do then slander Bobby’s name but thats ok because this is more incriminating evidence against Joe so he scrwed himself here.

    You wanna talk about Joe’s “Real” Stories. Bobby’s team has so much evidence that it will blow your mind in regards to Joe Mcewen. He tried to steal 30 grand from Bobby but he wasn’t smart enough to do it!


  4. Bobby Gunn is all that Jeff Holcomb says he is and MORE. Gunn is suppossed to fight for the IBF Inter Continental Cruiserweight Title on August 11th in Virgina, but mysteriously, no opponnent has been named and the “Title” fight is in about 3 weeks. Hmmm, I will bet that Gunn and his new promoter are planning ANOTHER scam like his last fight and substitue some bum for Gunn to fight at the last minute. A total bum is the only type of fighter that Gunn has the courage to face and the only type of fighter that Gunn can beat. Mark my words, Gunn will not fight a live challenger for this IBF title. Gunn is a fraud of a fighter and he cannot take a punch to the chin or body. Mr. Payne, feel free to contact me directly via my email address and I will give you a very interesting interview. Hope to hear from you soon.


  5. Hilarious. You’d think it was the second coming of Benn – Eubank II or Tyson – Lewis.

    Honestly, it’s like listening to two kids in the playground.


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