‘Panchito’ Bojado Returns This Weekend

bojadoNo weekend long-shot this week as the schedule failed to throw up a contest of interest. However, I’ll take the space to suggest a fighter to keep an eye out for this weekend. British fans will have to check a result and little more as all eyes turn to the mega fight between Oscar and Floyd on TV but the American audience could get to see the re-emergence of a potential star of the prize ring.

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The Definitive DLH v Mayweather Preview

fightnightYou’ll be pleased to hear it isn’t penned by me. Don Steinberg, who writes for ESPN.com, took on the mammoth task of re-watching every round of both fighters’ careers. 27 hours of footage, taking in opponents like Chavez, Whittaker, Trinidad, Mosley, Castillo, Gatti, Hopkins, Corrales and Judah – a stellar roster of opponents. Don breaks down the fight into minute detail and the article is accompanied by footage lifted from EA Sports Fight Night 3, which adds a little colour and interest to the micro detail of the preview. Continue reading “The Definitive DLH v Mayweather Preview”

Corrales Will Have to Continue

corralesThose fight fans who believed the crushing defeat to Joshua Clottey on his Welterweight debut would signal the end of Diego Corrales’ career are likely to be disappointed. Kevin Iole reports on Yahoo.com, for whom he recently became lead boxing writer, such is the dire nature of Corrales’ finances that he is even unable to repay a six figure sum given to him as a signing bonus last October by Golden Boy Promotions. Gary Shaw successfully proved he still had rights on Corrales’ career and the contract to which the bonus was intended to precede was torn up – Corrales had already spent the money on tax debts. Continue reading “Corrales Will Have to Continue”

Did I Miss Something? Hatton thinks he’s next?

hattontackieI cannot claim to have devoured every second of the pre-fight promotion for the Mayweather v Oscar fight, 24/7, nor could I claim to have consumed every line of copy that has been generated to further build the fight but of the coverage I have digested I don’t recall the words Ricky or Hatton being mentioned, and certainly not as a potential next opponent for either of the protagonists. Perhaps Hatton’s millions fund access to Satellite stations simply unavailable to mortals like myself because he believes he has the pick of the two next? Continue reading “Did I Miss Something? Hatton thinks he’s next?”

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