Congratulations to ITV Boxing’s John Rawling

microphoneSir John of Rawling, as Steve Bunce calls him since he earned the commentator’s chair at ITV, has been criticised a great deal over the past couple of years for glossing over mismatches presented by ITV’s exclusive promoter Frank Warren and for being a little too damning, though subtle, of rival promoters and fighters. And for me he talks a little too much during the introductions and the fight, but his award from the Royal Television Society rewards his quality deliver, knowledge of the sport and unflinching enthusiasm for the subject. Continue reading “Congratulations to ITV Boxing’s John Rawling”

ESPN: 50 Greatest Fighters of All Time

GreatestA Herculean effort to select 50 great fighters from the hundreds worthy of consideration, but the harder task is actually creating an order of merit. Such a subjective task, deciding who is #37 is arguably harder than picking a top ten. However, ESPN has collated opinion to make a pretty good fist of it. Sugar Ray wins out, but there are some surprises in the top 50. Continue reading “ESPN: 50 Greatest Fighters of All Time”

Boxing: The inevitability of boxing

SavareseIn the present era of heavyweight mediocrity and the longevity it affords heavyweight veterans, there are certain fights which seem inevitable despite the respective retirements, health scares, defeats and divergent paths of the two combatants. The forthcoming clash between the 74 year old Evander Holyfield and 62 year old Lou Savarese is another telling example.

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Losing my women’s boxing cherry

hollyDespite my roots as a coal miner’s son from South Yorkshire my historic distaste for women’s boxing isn’t borne out of a misogynistic perspective on the fairer sex. If a women wishes to make a living from the noble art and ticket buying fans are willing to indulge her then I applaud the freedom to pursue that goal afforded by the modern world. And it’s true I enjoyed Million Dollar Baby but when it comes to actual, real women’s boxing, don’t ask me to watch because, simply put, it isn’t very good. Last night I didn’t have the luxury of choice.

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