Best of Big Fight Live: Michael Watson, the forgotten gem

watsonA rare treat on ITV4 last night, Jim Rosenthal and Barry McGuigan hosted a wander down memory lane. Using footage from ITV’s impressive archives, action from Hagler v Hearns, Mark Kaylor, Benn, Eubank, Tyson and Hamed were inter-spersed with ‘talking head’ contributions from Colin Hart, John Rawling, Duke McKenzie, a very nervous Ron Lewis from the Times and most treasured of all, Reg Gutteridge. I miss Reg’s wisdom on the mic. However, for me, the biggest thrill was being reminded of Michael Watson’s excellence. Continue reading “Best of Big Fight Live: Michael Watson, the forgotten gem”

Bojado Returns with a Victory

bojado2Young Mexican puncher Francisco ‘Panchito’ Bojado returned from a three year career hiatus to score a solid ten round victory over veteran trial horse Dairo Esalas. Bojado, still only 24, weighed in at an eager 143 pounds a weight that suggests he will return to elite action at Light-Welterweight. Continue reading “Bojado Returns with a Victory”

The Great American Hope? Chambers Beats Guinn

chambersDuring the title reign of Jack Johnson a hundred or so years ago, the search for a white heavyweight to overcome the ‘negro’ champion became a holy grail for the western world, the theme continued for decades, although less conspicuously, throughout the reigns of Joe Louis, Ali and even Larry Holmes.

Continue reading “The Great American Hope? Chambers Beats Guinn”

Oscar and Floyd Weigh In: Pics

Oscar Weigh inLooking in tremendous shape, Oscar De La Hoya has weighed in at 154 pounds on the ‘nose’ with weight jumping rival Floyd Mayweather opting to maintain speed at a more natural 150 pounds. Both men looked cut and well prepared for the richest fight in boxing history. Whether Oscar will now rehydrate and fight at more like 160+ remains to be seen. Mayweather will not weigh more than a good dinner heavier than 150 having elected not to bulk up unneccessarily. Continue reading “Oscar and Floyd Weigh In: Pics”

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