Mayweather v Oscar: When indecisiveness is OK

PBFPicking a winner from these two is a tough task for any observer, regardless of access to the fighters, or depth of wisdom. From my detached existence I’ve flipped from one outcome to the other. A sign the fight is that rarest of commodities; a genuine one. The BBC’s on-site correspondent, Mike Costello, has me flipping once more.

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PR: Froch Has Knee Surgery

frochPRESS RELEASE: 02/05/07

The enclosed Press Release from Hennessy Sports focuses on Froch’s knee surgery but of more interest to British fight fans presents a clear indication he intends to defend his British and Commonwealth titles one more time before departing for international fixtures. It seems Robin Reid’s suggestion he would demolish Froch has made him the opponent of choice following the veteran clash between Reid and Glenn Catley in a final eliminator. Continue reading “PR: Froch Has Knee Surgery”

Lest We Forget: Leavander Johnson

LeavanderIt appears fashionable to criticise boxing. Commentators regularly, and gleefully, posting obituaries for the once great sport and though it is irrefutable true that the sport is perilously close to expulsion from the consciousness of mainstream or casual fans, at boxing’s core the heart of the fighter still beats strong. Continue reading “Lest We Forget: Leavander Johnson”

Juuko Returns from the Scrap-Heap

juukoThe last time we saw Ugandan Justin Juuko in a British ring the veteran fighter looked unable to stand in a stiff breeze let alone coordinate his feet enough to fend off Mancunian Michael Gomez. It left those in attendance with little choice but to write off the former World-Title challenger and frequent visitor to these shores as a spent force. Another stoppage defeat the following year put another exclamation mark to the assumption Juuko should retire. However, like so many fighters the story didn’t end there.

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