Did I Miss Something? Hatton thinks he’s next?

hattontackieI cannot claim to have devoured every second of the pre-fight promotion for the Mayweather v Oscar fight, 24/7, nor could I claim to have consumed every line of copy that has been generated to further build the fight but of the coverage I have digested I don’t recall the words Ricky or Hatton being mentioned, and certainly not as a potential next opponent for either of the protagonists. Perhaps Hatton’s millions fund access to Satellite stations simply unavailable to mortals like myself because he believes he has the pick of the two next?

Despite this anomaly, Ricky Hatton is quoted on ITV.com today as preferring to face Oscar at Welterweight than Floyd Mayweather and his tone suggests he actually believes either fighter will be eager to shed 7 pounds to step down to face the Hitman.

“I don’t think they have made their minds up yet about retirement. They talk about retiring but the next minute I read on the Internet that they want one more fight and they’d both like it to be against me.” Hatton told ITV. 

I can’t fathom how either De la Hoya or Mayweather is looking beyond the other and though I don’t accept the oft-repeated suggestion that the Pretty Boy will retire in victory or defeat as he claims – it remains his only commentary on his future. “This fight and then retirement” has been his consistent public stance on his plans beyond Oscar.

For De la Hoya, at 34, with semi-retired status for the past 3 years and a burgeoning stable of elite fighters to promote the notion of fighting beyond the richest fight in history strikes me as very unlikely too, despite Hatton’s ticket selling power and fan friendly style. Although that entertainment tag is increasingly undermined by his recent performances. The Castillo fight is crucial to Hatton’s status as a potential superstar, not only by claiming victory but the manner in which he obtains it.

For those wishing to read the extended article in which he also talks about the Castillo fight click here.

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