Mayweather Has Much At Stake

DougieI’m a fan of, it maintains a high standard of editorial control and has worked hard to establish its credibility amongst the raft of boxing sites that have emerged over the past five years. To this reader at least, the site has made the step up and is comparable with some of its esteemed printed contemporaries. With this respect underlined, I found Dougie Fischer’s article on Floyd Mayweather’s need to beat Oscar for his own legacy but also to provide a bridge of sorts to the mainstream fan to whom he remains a unknown quantity, an interesting piece. Continue reading “Mayweather Has Much At Stake”

UKBoxingpress Hits the Buffers

bigbenIt was sad to note today that one of my regular watering holes, appears to have succumbed to the bad feeling caused by a public spat with Frank Maloney’s Promotions company. Or at least that is the assumption. The forum there provided host to most of the regular visitors to message boards on British boxing and one can only hope it is a temporary hiatus.

Continue reading “UKBoxingpress Hits the Buffers”

Explaining the Unexplainable

campasI think it is fair to say boxing fans are sometimes asked to explain the impossible, the subtle idiosyncracies and nuances of the sport they love to the uneducated and unwashed masses. Whether it be contextualising a bout’s significance – given the plethora of sanctioning bodies etc – or arguing that modern day fighters ARE just as good as their 1970’s or 80’s ancestors but occasionally boxing throws up a ‘curve ball’ that even the most die-hard boxing fan couldn’t read. The scoring in last nights Yory Boy Campas bout is a case in point. Continue reading “Explaining the Unexplainable”

Terrible Tim. No seriously, its terrible Tim!

timApproaching 34, I’d begun to feel my time as an Amateur footballer was drawing to a close; family and working life making the commitment to stay fit and available hard to muster. I’ve never been particularly gifted, but hard work, a loud monotone Yorkshire accent and a fearless approach to the tackle has carved me a small niche in local league football in Cambridgeshire for the past decade. However, I’ve recently realised  I’m a mere pup and to retire now would be tantamount to quitting at my peak. What changed? Well if Tim Witherspoon is to fight again at 49 I reckon I could tackle another right winger or two. Continue reading “Terrible Tim. No seriously, its terrible Tim!”

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