Corrales Will Have to Continue

corralesThose fight fans who believed the crushing defeat to Joshua Clottey on his Welterweight debut would signal the end of Diego Corrales’ career are likely to be disappointed. Kevin Iole reports on, for whom he recently became lead boxing writer, such is the dire nature of Corrales’ finances that he is even unable to repay a six figure sum given to him as a signing bonus last October by Golden Boy Promotions. Gary Shaw successfully proved he still had rights on Corrales’ career and the contract to which the bonus was intended to precede was torn up – Corrales had already spent the money on tax debts.

You might think being a former world champion boxer would keep the debt collectors at bay a little longer, unfortunately for Corrales the debt is being pursued by Oscar De la Hoya’s partner in GBP, Shane Mosley. If Corrales’ fistic career is to continue, and he simply cannot make a weight below Welter his next few opponents will need more cautious and studious selection than his debut opponent. He can ill-afford another Clottey type defeat. The winner of the summer Gatti v Gomez clash could be more competitive. And no, I don’t think it is a foregone conclusion. 

To read Kevin’s excellent article, which also declares HBO’s intentions to resign veteran broadcaster Larry Merchant to a long term contract – dispelling the rumours that Kellerman was to replace the silver-haired Mongoose – and a new angle on the Oscar fight then please click here.

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