Power Out of Booth Clash

ShoesAlways on the spot, BritishBoxing.net’s Kevin Taylor is today exclusively reporting that Martin Power has withdrawn from his intriguing clash with Jason Booth next month, however fight fans needn’t despair as the hard to match Ajose Olusegun, arguably one of the most polished fighters in the UK today, will tackle the always game Gary Reid as the new main event. Click Here for Kevin’s full story. Continue reading “Power Out of Booth Clash”

Toney Back With a Whimper

ToneyThe fact James Toney returned to action on a Thursday night tells fans plenty about what the veteran fighter has left. Add the fact he chose a blown-up club fighter, Danny Batchelder, to comeback against suggests a steep decline in promoter confidence following his knockout defeat to Sam Peter. If also told you Toney could only eek out a split-decision win over ten, espite weighing in a breezy 229 pounds,you’d probably be eager to write off the former champion wouldn’t you? Continue reading “Toney Back With a Whimper”

Archive: Harrison Breaks Brodie’s Heart

Rab C


With further clouds brewing over Scott Harrison, it felt pertinent to recall the capable fighter Harrison once was. Next week two years will have elapsed since his clash with Manchester’s Michael Brodie – one of boxing’s most genuine nearly men. It was an engaging contest and, in retrospect, a great shame it didn’t prove the final step before richly rewarding clashes with the Featherweight elite. Now sadly synonymous with drink rather than boxing, once a upon a time Scott Harrison was a bloody good fighter.

Continue reading “Archive: Harrison Breaks Brodie’s Heart”

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