“UFC is like a bad Patrick Swayze movie.”

swayzeDebating the health of boxing in light of UFC’s present popularity has become something of a parlour game for boxing columnists, revelling in the opportunity to trot out every melancholic cliche and metaphor they can muster. Despite my own willingness to join the discussion I refuse to accept boxing will be extinguished by a ‘sport’ in which men roll around on the floor in their pants. Boxing’s problems are within. Cancerous and aggressive but beatable. Bryan Burwell at the St Louis Post makes an engaging case for the defence in the meantime. Continue reading ““UFC is like a bad Patrick Swayze movie.””

Is Zab You Judah?

In one of the most bizarre stories I’ve heard in a while and for a sport which, to paraphrase Dennis Norden, doesn’t lack stories you’d have to file under strange but true, a recent conference call held between the media and Welterweight contender Zab Judah proved to be a misleading endeavour for the hacks who dialled in.

Why? Because the classless Judah the Junior had his father Yoel sit in and pretend to be him. Cheap.

Continue reading “Is Zab You Judah?”

Tyson To Work Sultan’s Corner

tyson2Boxingtalk.com report Mike Tyson will be a fully fledged member of Sultan Ibragimov’s corner for his challenge to breathless WBO champion Shannon Briggs this weekend. Hopefully, it represents more than a cheap publicity stunt because a place for Mike Tyson’s knowledge of the sport should really be found. Articulate and a once keen student of the sport it would be shame if he doesn’t grasp the olive branch, it would certainly be more dignified to see Tyson passing on his wisdom to young fighters than see him feature in the glorified boxing booth he did late least year. Continue reading “Tyson To Work Sultan’s Corner”

Femi back in the saddle

FemiAspiring young Super-Featherweight Femi Fehintola returned to action this weekend, beating circuit regular Carl Allen over six rounds, the Bradford fighter’s first fight since his premature shot at the British champion Carl Johanneson. Despite being an outspoken critic of the board’s willingness to sanction Fehintola’s title crack at the time, it is encouraging to see a young professional willing to take a gamble in his career and equally eager to regroup having been defeated. Continue reading “Femi back in the saddle”

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