Beautiful Ugliness; “Boxing is back!”

BareKnuckleWhen Bernard Hopkins’ exclaimed “boxing is back” in the post fight interviews over the weekend, I for one felt the words resonate somewhere deep down inside. Although no more than a fan with an opinion, I feel part of boxing, my love of the sport in part defines me. In an age where boxing is a marginal sport, I’m ‘Dave, you know Dave, loves his boxing?’. When Hopkins spoke, I perched closer to the edge of the chair, the same way I do when an ageing champion rallies against a younger foe. Go on boxing! Stick it to him.

Although criticism of boxing is not a new phenomenon, the emergence of UFC has given the doom-merchants a publicity friendly stick to beat the oldest sports of all with. Too many champions, too many uncompetitive bouts, corruptible promoters, nefarious sanctioning bodies, old champions, too many pay per views, boxing has many ills.

Peter Wood, writing for, one of my own former haunts, suggests that for all the malignance boxing is riddled with, it is actually that ugly beauty that makes the sport what it is. Wood suggests boxing is unique in the opportunity it provides in the social and economic ghettos of the world and is the purest sport once the bell tolls. Turning boys in to men and helping all colours, creeds and religions discover the depth of their individual mettle, respect for one another and a way to express their anger in a positive way.

Boxing legitimises anger, applauds its outward expression Wood proposes. Posing the question, is boxing really such a negative occupation in a world where internalised hate and angst are blamed for so much of what is wrong with modern day society?

Quick paced and illuminated with examples of boxing’s brightest and darkest hours, the article is a must read.

Click here for the full article.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Ugliness; “Boxing is back!”

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  1. Boxing really is back too isn’t it!

    I probably wont be alone in willing young Povetkin on if he tackles Klitschko, as he’s mandated to do, this year.

    He has a fighting style that the American audiences would warm too, is unbeaten and aggressive.

    Sure, he’s not American, but then what decent heavyweight under the age of 35 is?


  2. Very harsh.

    Wright – cumbersome. Ok, so he’s not a flashy dancer, but his footwork, defence and all round technique are first class.

    All match-making involves a degree of ‘handpicked’, it isn’t random.


  3. Injin Chi is now joining “the enemy” (MMA, not the Coventry based band). As another boxer defects, it makes me wonder what the appeal is for the side show? Shame the guys that do defect are often, scratch that, always past their prime. They rarely do the boxing world no justice.

    Ho-hum. Whilst both are fruit, we’re comparing apples and oranges here.

    Great win for Hopkins by the way. The move form middleweight to Light heavy has given him a new lease of life, especially as he continues to handpick cumbersome opponents like Tarver and Wright… harsh? maybe…


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