Hasim Rahman Back For More

RahmanFormer World-Champion Hasim Rahman returns on Thursday against peripheral American contender Taurus Sykes in a minor title bout. Rahman is confident victory over Sykes will pave the way for what feels like his 17th shot at the title. Obviously, that isn’t the case but he has undoubtedly failed to live up to the potential he showed beating Lennox Lewis in his key bouts since.

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“I’m coming back because I miss the glory.” Michael Grant

GrantGrantPrecious few fighters are born with the physical gifts Michael Grant has been blessed with. 6ft 7inches, 250 pounds of lean, athletic muscle and a talented sportsman in a number of fields. Grant is undeniably a tremendous heavyweight in 2d. Further to this, he can punch too. However, for all the genetic blessings, Grant has suffered a great deal of professional misfortune. Continue reading ““I’m coming back because I miss the glory.” Michael Grant”

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