Briggs Chest Not Good Enough; Ibragimov Wins

Sultan2I noted last week that Shannon Briggs appeared far too willing to comment on his asthma, one press release flippantly using the steroid ingredient of his medication to snatch attention for this life-long affliction, and he frequently referenced the pneumonia that preceded the March postponement of this fight. For a fighter with a history of poor stamina and huge muscular bulk, it didn’t seem a healthy recipe. Continue reading “Briggs Chest Not Good Enough; Ibragimov Wins”


If in doubt, put “Tyson” in the press release

EcholsPerhaps it is indicative of the surge of popularity of UFC among young sports fans, the resultant ageing demographic of boxing’s followers and the fact Mike Tyson is the last global superstar boxing produced, but the fallen champion remains the most compelling hook most lazy publicists appear able to muster to promote their fighters. Last week it was Sultan Ibragimov, who hoped the former champion could provide advice as part of his corner team, this week Victor Oganov is trying to repeat the trick.

Continue reading “If in doubt, put “Tyson” in the press release”

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