WBO and their house of sham(e)

George BladesHot on the heels of Bobby Gunn’s challenge to Enzo Maccarinelli and his unfathomable arrival at WBO #15 WBO in the weeks preceding the bout, the WBO may well have surpassed themselves by sanctioning a bout between their unbeaten Light-Heavyweight champion Zsolt Erdei versus the wonderfully named George Blades. Now Erdei isn’t Bob Foster, but he is an accomplished belt-holder and undefeated in 26 contests. Blades isn’t. Nor will he ever be. His record is aesthetic enough at 21-2, but the 21 is flimsy and the 2 illuminating.

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Archive: The Dragon That Cried Wolf

Originally published in 2005.

The on-going ‘will they, wont they’ soap opera between the camps of Mikkel Kessler and Joe Calzaghe is not a new phenomenon. Debate on the relative merit of Calzaghe’s career and whether the veteran Welshman will ever have opportunity to deliver on his immense ability in signature bouts has been running ever since he floored Chris Eubank in 1997. It certainly feels that way anyway. Nobody could doubt the courage of Calzaghe the fighter but finding him the type of illustrious opponents his talent needs has become a weapon for the doubters.

Does Calzaghe really want the big fights?

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Pocket Rocket Comeback Halted

WayneAccording to the Irish Evening Echo, former World-Champion Wayne McCullough has been forced to postpone his latest comeback because proposed opponent Francisco Mateos has been unable to secure the paperwork required to travel – details not clear to what these papers relate to. With only 8 days to go until the bout, McCullough clearly doesn’t feel a substitute opponent was a realistic possibility and has withdrawn. I don’t often say this about fighters, but I genuinely hope McCullough stays retired. Continue reading “Pocket Rocket Comeback Halted”

Palle Agrees to Warren Terms; Well Almost

PalleMogens Palle is reported to have accepted Frank Warren’s terms for the proposed clash between Super-Middleweight king Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler but with the small, and potentially fatal caveat, that the bout takes place in November rather than proposed September. The reason, Palle wants to celebrate 50 years as a promoter with a signature show. I’m not sure whether I think this is understandable or pathetic to be honest.

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Rahman Looking to Stars After Taurus Win

RahmanHolyfRahmanHolyfFormer heavyweight champion, and he was a proper one not just a belt holder, Hasim Rahman got back on track with a perfunctory points victory over peripheral contender Taurus Sykes. Weighing a beefy 261 pounds Rahman eventually won a comfortable points decision but it was only in the penultimate round Sykes was docked a point and floored that a clear gap emerged. And he still found time to shake The Rock in the last.

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Dark-Horse Molitor to Face Ndlovu

MolitorCanadian Super-Bantamweight Steve Molitor is one of my favourite fighters. Ever since he arrived in England and schooled Jason Booth I’ve been a keen follower of his progress. The ease with which he dispatched Hartlepool’s game brawler Michael Hunter was of little surprise to me and the IBF 122lb belt secured cemented his position as a gem only partially discovered. Accomplished, busy and with a rounded style, Molitor could well feature in some high-profile encounters in the division. First on the list is South African Takalani Ndlovu. Continue reading “Dark-Horse Molitor to Face Ndlovu”

The Smoking Gunn

GunntartanI appreciate I’m risking turning this site into a publicity forum for Bobby Gunn’s career, but I feel compelled to keep readers up to date with developments, the latest being a visit from Bobby Gunn’s father Robert Gunn Sr., who is also Gunn’s manager. And Mr Gunn Sr, isn’t too impressed with my willingness to publish Joe Mack’s (Joe McEwan) open letter recently, a letter Mr Gunn believes slanders his son’s name and containing accusations the Gunn’s intend to fight in court. In turn, Mr Gunn suggested Joe Mack was the real villain of the piece. “I think you should know that the contracts that Bobby got from Frank Warren’s Sports Network were faxed by Joe but he chose to fake them”. Continue reading “The Smoking Gunn”

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