PR: Bobby Gunn

Gunn2Press Release: 05/06/07

I wrote earlier this week about my soft spot for the eccentric American pug Bobby Gunn. A fighter plucked from obscurity to face Enzo Maccarinelli for the WBO title and then plunged back to the tank-town circuit following his one round massacre at the hands of the towering Welshman. However, another day another twist. Joe Mack from Rock Hard Boxing, the organisation that projected Gunn and cared for his interests has gone public with an acidic blast that leaves no stone unturned in Mack’s quest to malign Gunn’s name. Despite the obscurity of subject, it’s a must read release. Continue reading “PR: Bobby Gunn”

Boxing: Oliver McCall, 42, wants some more

OliverIf this pattern continues I may grow to regret my suggestion that too many fossilised veterans are still roaming the heavyweight landscape. In the days since, I’ve begun to believe making that statement was roughly equivalent to saying ‘Candyman’ three times into a mirror. I’ve received press releases or read stories on Evander Holyfield, Henry Akinwande and Andrew Golota. Seriously, the heavyweight division is close to self-parody. I’m waiting for Simon Pegg to come and rescue me from the advancing zombies. Today’s veteran? The old Atomic Bull himself, Oliver McCall.

Continue reading “Boxing: Oliver McCall, 42, wants some more”

Boxing: Mikkel Kessler is Taylor made for Calzaghe

KesslerI fear this story line could become a theme of the next few weeks as experienced promoters Mogens Palle (Kessler) and Frank Warren (Calzaghe) carefully manoeuvre their ‘pieces’ in a bid to gain the upper hand in negotiations, both privately and in the public’s perception,  for the proposed clash between the two belt holders. Joe Calzaghe has changed his tune on his most desirable opponent once more following Jermaine Taylor’s soporific defence versus Cory Spinks last month, suddenly Mikkel Kessler is “the man”. Continue reading “Boxing: Mikkel Kessler is Taylor made for Calzaghe”

Eastman Blasted By Ashira: Interview

AshiraI didn’t catch the bout between Howard Eastman and Evans Ashira so don’t feel qualified to comment on Ashira’s claims that he was robbed in their recent Middleweight bout. I read several reports suggesting Eastman delivered one of his trademark hollow performances but Ashira, in conversation with Henrik Risum assures the reader he was flat-out robbed: “Come on man, the guy had home ground advantage, plus all the officials on his side, and on top of that he was allowed to hold me like that, and pull my legs too. He even said himself that he had to ruin the fight to survive. Incredible!” Continue reading “Eastman Blasted By Ashira: Interview”

PR: Bailey One Win From Glory


Press Release 05/06/07 

Warriors Boxing is unquestionably one of the hardest working promotional houses, churning out a deluge of press releases on their fighters. I elect not to feature them all, after all they appear on every boxing media outlet available, but news of Randall Bailey’s opportunity to snatch some autumn glory from his long and winding career appealed to me. The release provides detail to Bailey’s fight with Herman Ngoudjo in an IBF Light-Welterweight title eliminator on Friday night. Continue reading “PR: Bailey One Win From Glory”

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