Castillo Dispenses With the Niceties

hATTONVcASTILLOSo far the promotion of the Ricky Hatton – Jose Luis Castillo bout on the 23rd has been a well-mannered, even tempered, respectful love-in as the two fighters seek to demonstrate their respect for each other. Both are blue-collar professionals with humility and class so in truth, cheap smack talk would be a surprise. However, Castillo today fired the first broadside as they bid to build up interest in their clash. According to the veteran Mexican, Hatton’s pretty 42-0 record doesn’t compare favourably with his own less pristine ledger; “I don’t think for one minute Ricky Hatton’s record bears any comparison with mine.” Continue reading “Castillo Dispenses With the Niceties”

Holcomb Hunting Bobby Gunn

gUNN3I seem to attract fighters from the club circuits, in a purely platonic way you understand, but ever since I flippantly criticised Crawford Grimsley and was swiftly brought to task by Mrs Grimsley they’ve been congragating at my ‘virtual’ front door. My recent commentary on Bobby Gunn has attracted attention from past opponents, fans and managers. The latest? Former foe Jeff Holcomb is desperate for a rematch. Continue reading “Holcomb Hunting Bobby Gunn”

Archive: Frank Warren, A Boxing Survivor


Close to two years have passed since the first widely whispered rumours of a split between Ricky Hatton and Frank Warren were heard, on the cusp of signing a new ITV contract the timing couldn’t have been worse for Warren who must have relied heavily on Hatton’s star to entice the terrestrial broadcaster. I wrote a piece at the time reflecting on this emerging news and Warren’s ability to survive. Considering he has lost Hatton, Scott Harrison and Johnny Nelson during that period Warren has juggled well to still have a chance of contract renewal. But then he always survives.  Continue reading “Archive: Frank Warren, A Boxing Survivor”

Cotto Shuts Judah Up (For Now)

CottoCottoI don’t mind admitting it, I take great pleasure in getting this bout spot on. True, I wasn’t alone in believing Cotto’s precision, rediscovered stamina at 147 and heavier hands would wear down the erratic Judah late in the fight but I still take great joy from being right. Well wouldn’t you after some high-profile howlers? Most notably, and with the caveat that it was a deliberately selected long-shot – Ray Austin to beat Klitschko. Groan. Continue reading “Cotto Shuts Judah Up (For Now)”

Morrison Wins in ‘MMA’ debut

TommyTommyStatistics for this site/blog for the past week suggest my small piece on Tommy Morrison’s debut in Mixed Martial Arts proved the most read over that seven day period. The MMA phenomenon knows no bounds. There is certainly fuel in the MMA train. For the record Morrison did as he predicted he would, hit the guy and won in the first round and on the surface further protected the theory most boxing fans subscribe to; ‘that boxing remains the most destructive and definitive combat sport’. That wouldn’t tell the whole story though. Continue reading “Morrison Wins in ‘MMA’ debut”

Boxing: Scott Gammar Scores Comprehensive Victory

GammarGammarTough Welsh heavyweight Scott Gammar got his career back on the rails over the weekend overpowering busy trier Paul King, a late-replacement for a replacement, to score a six round points win. Predictable enough result and a performance designed purely to add a W to the record of the former British champion following his defeat to Danny Williams. I’d certainly assume Gammar isn’t booked to learn much from circuit veteran King. Reports suggest he opted to use the whole six round work out rather than close the show.

Continue reading “Boxing: Scott Gammar Scores Comprehensive Victory”

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