Klitschko Offers McCline Jameel Ticket

JameelNothing confirmed yet but ESPN’s Dan Rafael reports a deal is close for hulking American Jameel McCline to provide the opposition for Vitaly Klitschko’s September return. Co-incidentally, both fighters will be fighting for the first time since major knee surgery. McCline looked his most competitive and incisive before injury curtailed his challenge to Nicolay Valuev in the third round and he will surely regard this opportunity as his last at elite level following a catalogue of failure in championship class. Continue reading “Klitschko Offers McCline Jameel Ticket”

The Michael Gomez Story: The Movie

GomezEvery fighter has a story. A few take on mythological proportions, from Sonny Liston’s rise and fall to Johnny Tapia’s regular dance with death. British fighter Michael Gomez’s own story may lack the gravitas associated with the former’s professional success but it has a similar sprinkling of pain and misfortune. Of course, Gomez isn’t finished yet, despite the death knell being sounded on his career more than once – and he returns to action again soon, but a low budget British film based on his life this far is being promoted on his website. Continue reading “The Michael Gomez Story: The Movie”

Archive: Big Fight Live – Boxing returns to ITV


As the first contract between British broadcaster ITV and promoter Frank Warren draws to a close and negotiations begin on a new contract, it seemed relevant to pause and remember how the news ITV were to return to professional boxing was greeted. In an article for thesweetscience.com, I took an optimistic view of the partnership’s potential and revelled in the nostalgia of hearing that famous theme tune one more time. As Nigel Benn once famously said “I preferred boxing when it was on ITV”. Continue reading “Archive: Big Fight Live – Boxing returns to ITV”

Boxing: A Tsyzu Return is Gonna Kostya

Kostya2Former Light-Welterweight king, should that be tsar, is certainly not a fighter to be rushed into a comeback despite his 37 years and long sabbatical from action following the seminal defeat to Ricky Hatton in 2005. Of course, he may not come back at all – rather like Lennox Lewis does from time to time – Kostya seems willing to tease and tantalise, perhaps in a bid to promote other business pursuits or, alternatively, to pacify the element of his personality that craves the combat. Convincing himself he could comeback at anytime to paradoxically ensure he never actually does it. Continue reading “Boxing: A Tsyzu Return is Gonna Kostya”

Bobby Gunn Reloads

BobbyThe criticism and hearty guffaws accompanying Bobby Gunn’s unexpected and patently unsubstantiated elevation to world-title class earlier this year were hard on the squat, pugnacious scrapper. After all, he didn’t ask to be plucked from the tank town circuit and projected as a legitimate Cruiserweight contender by Sports Network and the World Boxing Organisation (WBO).

Continue reading “Bobby Gunn Reloads”

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