Calzaghe Accepts Kessler Fight

WarrenIf this fight actually occurs, and part of me still maintains this could be a tactical move by Frank Warren in his quest to secure a renewed contract with ITV, then today’s news of Calzaghe’s willingness to travel to Denmark to face Mikkel Kessler in a bout that will unify the Super-Middleweight division is arguably the most stunning and welcome since Tyson v Lewis was finally made. Frank Warren told Radio Five Live; “Mogens Palle (Kessler’s promoter) made an offer for Joe to fight Kessler in Denmark in September. We’ve accepted and are awaiting a contract“.Further into the interview a few side doors emerge, regarding terms and actually signing a formal contract – fights like these are slippery beasts – but the mandate to make the fight is there. Unless, as I mentioned, this is actually a tactic to bait ITV or pressurise Jermaine Taylor into signing on the dotted line for less fee than he’d previously demanded.

After all, Kessler is a dangerous, confident, well schooled, undefeated fighter. Calzaghe is risking a great deal taking the bout though the purse would, of course, be a career high.

Click Hereto read the BBC’s piece on the news.

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