Briggs and Sultan Weigh-In

weighShannon Briggs has weighed in at a career high of 273 pounds (19 st 7lbs for the imperialists) and although he looked ripped and well conditioned it wouldn’t take much to surmise that that huge frame will be burning his shallow reserves of oxygen pretty quickly. Sultan Ibragimov weighed in a sprightly 221 (15 st 11lbs) and looked solid and prepared.

The more I considered this bout the more I believe Sultan Ibragimov is capable of returning another portion of the heavyweight cake to the Eastern block, true he was dropped by Ray Austin en route to a disappointing draw but he can crack, and has better conditioning than Briggs who has been referring too often to his asthmatic condition this week for my liking. Is Briggs preparing his excuses already?

Bookies appear to be following a similar train of thought with the books very evenly balanced for both fighters. Considering Briggs’ weight, height, venue advantages and his greater repute and seasoning this strongly suggests the champion could be in deep trouble if he doesn’t put the challenger away early.

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