Audley to Sue Over Lennox Comments

audley2Reports published in the Daily Mirror and Boxing News in the UK, suggested the potential partnership between former Olympic champion Audley Harrison and Lennox Lewis failed to develop because Harrison was failing to listen to instruction, or more specifically was too set in his ways to embrace Lewis’ advice and methods. On face value a damning commentary on Harrison’s personality and willingness to accept wisdom from the decorated former champion, and a particularly sensitive issue given Harrison’s struggle to live up to the hype surrounding his professional career and the arrogance many have blamed for it. Harrison isn’t accepting that conclusion or the two publications’ version of events.

In a brief message on his website Harrison outlines his position;

“I have begun legal proceedings against both publications in regards to this matter and will keep you informed of the outcome. The article was false and highly defamatory. Both Lennox and I are together on this. Expect to see apologies in both publications shortly.”

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