Toney Shamed By Steroids Slur

JamestI’m not sure whether I’m surprised about today’s story that 38 year old James Toney failed the drugs test conducted around his May 24th clash with Danny Batchelder. Both boldenone and stanazolol were found in Toney’s blood stream and an automatic one year suspension is applied pending appeal. A break that would, surely, end the career of a fighter already in the autumn of his prime and in increasing decline. It will be shame if this second drugs test scandal casts a shadow over all of his professional career but I suspect it will.

The wonderfully named Lance Pugmire of LA Times covers the detail of the story, click here to read his piece. I do hope Toney has been sensible with the purses he’s earned, it would be sad if his illustrious career had to be prolonged beyond this potential ban because he was skint. As a fighter competing way beyond his natural weight class with dulled reflexes approaching 40 he would cut a vulnerable figure.

As often happens in these cases, well I can remember Roy Jones and Richard Hall, Batchelder also fell foul of the test.

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  1. They all dope in boxing! Obviously.

    Steroids are used in Olympic Badminton too.

    Never trust a lying athlete–especially one with swooshy endorsements.


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