“You were laying on the canvas in a pool of blood”

BobbyOK, so it isn’t Ali v Frazier. But the war of words between Bobby Gunn, the former bare-knuckle brawler  somehow plucked from obscurity to face Enzo Maccarinelli recently, and the rest of the world continues to entertain this writer. First, it was his former manager Joe Mack, then former foe Jeff Holcomb dropped by to leave his own vitriolic comments and a cell number. Today Bobby Gunn replied. Bobby left two comments in all, both can be viewed in context on the threads in question but in direct response to Jeff Holcomb’s request for a rematch, the veteran pug had this to say:

“Jeff, you’re a mid south punching bag. You are nothing. You were laying on the canvas in a pool of blood and you pissed your own pants  in front of a crowd of people. If you’ll accept a fight versus me again it will be casted on youtube. Maybe of Joe Mac will manage you and put lies in your head then you’ll get robbed and fooled also. By the way, wheres your phone number fat boy? With your rocky balboa shorts, you are a total joke.”

In Jeff’s defence, he did leave a cell number, but with site traffic growing I didn’t want to broadcast his number. Bobby, if you want the number just drop me a line. Jeff seemed very eager.

Speaking on both Jeff’s challenge and the open letter I published from his former manager Joe Mack, Gunn is equally dismissive;

“First of all, Jeff Holcomb was no fight at all. He was a fat, pathetic man, who faked an injury and quit. he has no heart…just like the tin man. the promoter for that fight was Joe Mack, who never paid me a penny for that fight. As a matter of a fact, he stiffed me and promised to make good on it later on. Well, one thing I could tell you…is that he tried to steal 30,000$ behind my back 20 minutes before the fight with Enzo Mac. I respect the UK press &; i believe that Enzo will be an all time great Cruiserweight champion. The article that Joe put out, slandering my name, was first posted on Eastside boxing..then they pulled it off because it had nothing to do with boxing. I am shocked to see this article being posted on british  press because you guys got so much class, I didnt think you would get caught up on this garbage. I will be back, I havent went no where, like me or dont like, whenever you mention my name…its great.”

True, I lifted the open letter from Eastside and true I should have more class. But it is proving a popular diversion among readers. Of course, Bobby is right. No such thing as bad publicity.

I think this story could run and run. No truth in the rumour Patrick Duffy is down for the role of Bobby in the film.

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  1. This is Bobby’s father. My son fought for Joe Mcwen previously and was part in 2 of his cards. Joe Mcwen never signed an agreement with Bobby. He started telling people he was my son’s manager and that was false … a total lie! As a matter of a fact, Joe tried to steal money from my son behind his back. The only manager he has is me. Robert Gunn Sr. My boy filed a complaint for the police department and went in front of the judge this week. The judge set a date for trial. This may erupt into a criminal matter. Joe has harrassed my boy and threatened him. If he doesnt show for trial, there will be a warrant out for his arrest. See Mr. Payne … I want to tell you something. There are very wealthy and powerful people behind my son’s career right now. After the criminal case is dissolved, then we go in a full civil suit against Joe for slandering my son’s name. As my son said, we thought you would be more behind Boxing and not this crap. It’s really entertaining that you stand behind such a lunatic that has no regular job and lives on the internet. ACTUALLY, he lives in his brother’s attic of his house. Joe tried saying that Bobby faked his medical documents. I called Dr David Florence and he said Bobby is a great person and that he is not a business partner of Joe. Mr. Payne…I think you should know that the contracts that Bobby got from Frank Warren’s Sports Network were faxed by Joe but he chose to fake them. This should tell you what kind of person you are dealing with right now and this is simply a joke.


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