Boxing: A Tsyzu Return is Gonna Kostya

Kostya2Former Light-Welterweight king, should that be tsar, is certainly not a fighter to be rushed into a comeback despite his 37 years and long sabbatical from action following the seminal defeat to Ricky Hatton in 2005. Of course, he may not come back at all – rather like Lennox Lewis does from time to time – Kostya seems willing to tease and tantalise, perhaps in a bid to promote other business pursuits or, alternatively, to pacify the element of his personality that craves the combat. Convincing himself he could comeback at anytime to paradoxically ensure he never actually does it.

As a fighter who had long periods of inactivity preceding the Hatton fight due to injury and oversees a host of business and commercial interests it is hard to believe that money or boredom will force him to return. In the latest interview carried by NineMSN, Kostya Tszyu refers to his continued wait for the ‘right’ opportunity, the necessary purse and challenge required to leave his present “comfort zone”.

Were the Tszyu to return at Welterweight he would join a potentially ‘white-hot’ division with Mosley, Judah, Cotto, Margarito, Mayweather, Castillo and Hatton all within the weight or within spitting distance. Not to mention fellow naturalised countrymen Lovemore N’Dou who possesses the IBF Light-Welterweight title. Lovemore has always maintained a fight between them would draw huge crowds in Australia.

For the full interview click here

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