Explaining the Unexplainable

campasI think it is fair to say boxing fans are sometimes asked to explain the impossible, the subtle idiosyncracies and nuances of the sport they love to the uneducated and unwashed masses. Whether it be contextualising a bout’s significance – given the plethora of sanctioning bodies etc – or arguing that modern day fighters ARE just as good as their 1970’s or 80’s ancestors but occasionally boxing throws up a ‘curve ball’ that even the most die-hard boxing fan couldn’t read. The scoring in last nights Yory Boy Campas bout is a case in point.

OK, a few parameters and assumptions. Firstly, we can assume as the fight was in the States that a ten point must rule was in effect, secondly I can confirm that within the 10 round bout no deductions or knockdowns were scored. In theory therefore, each fighter could score between 90 and 100, but the cumulative total has to equal 190, i.e. 10 rounds of 10-9 or 9-10. Or potentially, more than 190 if a judge couldn’t separate the two fighters and awarded a 10-10 round.

Simple this far? So could someone decipher and unravel the scoring of the judge who made the fight 93-93?

For a brief fight report, Yahoo carry details of the bout. Campas’ 10th career defeat. Click Here.

2 thoughts on “Explaining the Unexplainable

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  1. A strong opinion there Winstolv. But it is true that HBO have opted for too many house fighter versus b level opponent type fixtures in recent years.

    Protecting their golden boys at the expense of fan satisfaction.


  2. When you consider that HBO boxing is NOT a sport, but prescripted, doped, violent entertainment with a fixed outcome.

    The 10 point system will leave you empty.

    Only the insiders know the outcome—not the suckers who pay-per-view or gamble on the rigged event.


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