Tua; beginning to sound like a contender again

TuaI’m not quite in the camp with the Tuamaniacs, a kind of derivative of the fanaticism Mike Tyson was able to evoke even after the flush of his youthful best had passed, but I must confess to more than a passing interest in the fortunes of the once destructive Samoan. Following an apparent eternity in the wilderness of legal, financial and promotional entanglements he’s back to doing what he once did better than almost anyone. Knocking out heavyweights. Continue reading “Tua; beginning to sound like a contender again”

An Apology To Crawford Grimsley

I was taken to task overnight by Jodi Grimsley, the wife of returning heavyweight Crawford Grimsley, with regard to my flippant remarks about Crawford’s condition and repute as a heavyweight following his withdrawal from the Michael Moorer contest.

Quite rightly, Mrs Grimsley questioned my intent, research and experience on the subject of diverticulitis, the affliction that prevented her husband fighting, and boxing in general. The whole episode was a dose of reality as to the surprising reach of this blog and the random thoughts it covers.

Continue reading “An Apology To Crawford Grimsley”

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