David Haye Weigh In Pictures

HayeAny promoter and fighter willing to jeopardise a mandatory shot at the consensus Cruiserweight champion by facing a legitimate ranked heavyweight in a non-title fight deserves applause. It would be easy to either discredit rugged Pole Thomasz Bonin as fortunate to be the custodian of a WBC ranking or the move to face him as an act of lunacy on David Haye’s part, but boxing fans who regularly criticise fighters for taking soft fights – you can’t have it both ways.

Yesterday’s weigh in pictures, captured at David Haye’s legendary myspace page, click here to access, suggest the big, flat-nosed 33 year old is in good shape and the pantomime gestures of throat slashing and the evident tension between the two suggests an entertaining scrap is on the cards. To me the fight represents the most intriguing non-title contest of the year thus far; can the big punching Haye carry power to heavyweight and perhaps more importantly, can Haye take heavyweight power?

Decked by peripheral Super-Middleweight contender Lolenga Mock and with a breezy respect for other fighter’s power the question marks over Haye’s vulnerability under fire remain. And he’s entering a bigger division. Bonin is shrewdly chosen though, his 37-1 ledger belying a lack of quality opposition and a firepower. His WBC ranking is complimentary rather than deserved and you suspect Haye will be in good aerobic shape to travel the distance with the bigger man having avoided the necessity of making the 200lb Cruiserweight limit. Something of a dietary limbo act for the developing puncher and one he may yet prove unable to repeat.

Bonin is game however, and was frustrated when stopped by Audley Harrison in 9 rounds two or three years ago and he will presumably believe getting in close and mauling the cleaner punching of Haye will be his ticket to later round success, where his natural strength and size could become decisive. He will also have noted the success Giacobbe Fragomeni had pushing the 26 year old around. Though of course Haye prevailed in the end.

A decent fight. Sky Sports Televise the Frank Maloney promotion.


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