New Feature: VodPod Video Links

PryorTypically, like most people, I’m somewhere between the Luddites and the bleeding edge of technological development. I now frequent YouTube but it took me two years to acquire the requisite software to access it. However, now active I’ve utilised the ability to connect direct to my favourite clips and films from this site. Continue reading “New Feature: VodPod Video Links”

Rees Gets Title Shot! Someone Should Be Shot

ReesModern day boxing is a cruel mistress. Once entangled, there is no escape. It is impossible to fall out of love with her or to find the frustration and disappointment she dispenses outweighthe rare reward of witnessing a Ward v Gatti or Moore v Macklin type contest. Boxing is a love-hate relationship, fans love boxing but boxing hates the fans. Continue reading “Rees Gets Title Shot! Someone Should Be Shot”

Joe Calzaghe To Vacate?

Calzaghe2Staggering. The only word to describe reports Super-Middleweight champion Joe Calzaghe is considering abdicating from his ten year reign as WBO belt-holder. Following the furore surrounding his most recent defence of the much-maligned belt against over-matched American Peter Manfredo, it seems the much-publicised bout proved one mediocre contest too far for boxing fans (and possibly TV network ITV) following equally disappointing points victories over pint-sized Evans Ashira and hard-headed Sakio Bika. Continue reading “Joe Calzaghe To Vacate?”

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