Most Over Used Words in Boxing

Manfredo2The recent press release pertaining to Peter Manfredo’s next bout caused a tremor of discomfort in my sensitive sensibilities. And this dissatisfaction centred on one key word in the brief release; controversial. In recent years the word controversial has become a broad church for a litany of different conclusions to fights. Whether points, knockout or other intervention the word controversial undermines victory, excuses defeat and adds further murk to boxing’s inherently muddy water. Continue reading “Most Over Used Words in Boxing”

The Weekend Long Shot V

BusterA brief sabbatical broke my winning run on the long shot series. Encouraged by Oliver Fennell following the outrageous suggestion Ray Austin could derail Wladimir Klitschko a few weeks back I enjoyed greater success with Steve Forbes who should’ve been awarded the upset versus Demetrius Hopkins, then Henry Maske who returned from a 11 year hiatus to outwork WBA Cruiserweight champion Virgil Hill and Clottey pummelled Diego Corrales at Welter. So this week…

Continue reading “The Weekend Long Shot V”

Archive: The Solitary Life of a Boxing Fan

Oscar2Acquaintances of mine often mock my willingness to name-check, a website set up to promote the best of boxing writing and featuring a premier roster of contributors. You see, there I go again. However, whatever the critics and cynics may suggest I’m proud of a number of the articles I submitted. In a quest to preserve them beyond any further collapse of their site. I intend to feature one of my submissions from time to time. The Solitary Life of a Boxing fan is a melancholic assessment of the life of a niche sports fan. Continue reading “Archive: The Solitary Life of a Boxing Fan”

David Haye Weigh In Pictures

HayeAny promoter and fighter willing to jeopardise a mandatory shot at the consensus Cruiserweight champion by facing a legitimate ranked heavyweight in a non-title fight deserves applause. It would be easy to either discredit rugged Pole Thomasz Bonin as fortunate to be the custodian of a WBC ranking or the move to face him as an act of lunacy on David Haye’s part, but boxing fans who regularly criticise fighters for taking soft fights – you can’t have it both ways. Continue reading “David Haye Weigh In Pictures”

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