Felix Sturm Easy to Forget

SturmWith the seminal bout between Oscar and Floyd just 9 days away it is easy to overlook the fact 39 year old Javier Castillejo and Felix Sturm will contest the WBA Middleweight belt this weekend and that in all reality a then youthful Sturm completely outboxed a flabby Golden Boy in his debut at 160 pounds three years ago. A performance that almost cost Oscar his multi-million pound clash with Bernard Hopkins. Since then Sturm has regrouped but remains outside the consciousness of the American audiences he shocked in 2004. Continue reading “Felix Sturm Easy to Forget”

The Yanks Have Had Enough Too

MerchantWe live in a smaller world they keep telling us, I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but the arrival of the Internet has certainly drawn all four corners of the world much closer to my, and everyone else’s, finger tips. Results from around the globe instantly accessible and no story is more than a click or two away. Imagine how hard it must have been to wait days and weeks to hear the results of fights a century ago? I digress, despite this shrinking world my residence on an Island, a relatively small one at that, always left me thinking that as a boxing fan I didn’t benefit from the economies of scale of the American fan. So many fights were unavailable to me because I was a fan of a niche sport in a different timezone. Continue reading “The Yanks Have Had Enough Too”

Gatti to Tackle Gomez in July.

AlfonsoFew fighters demonstrate the resolve and determination regularly delivered by Arturo Gatti during his long and eventful career and precious few are held in such affection by boxing fans around the globe. A reputation for effort, entertainment and sheer bloody mindedness has earned Arturo Gatti a very special place in boxing folklore, his name etched alongside more gifted fighters because of the ‘Human Highlight Reel’ his career has become. Continue reading “Gatti to Tackle Gomez in July.”

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