Set to Drown: Roman on Klitschko Short-List, a site with a vested interested in furthering the case for Roman Greenberg, claim the 24 year old is on a short-list of three to be Vitali Klitschko’s opponent when the big former title holder returns. Perhaps only in a fight with an elite, if rusty, professional like Klitschko will Greenberg realise just how slowly he’s been moving both in the ring and up the heavyweight ladder. His record is aesthetic, he will doubtless gleefully take the payday and those are presumably the two criteria facilitating his consideration as the sacrifical lamb. Continue reading “Set to Drown: Roman on Klitschko Short-List”

Oboh Gets The Violin Out

Lat minuteThe ashen white look on Dean Powell’s face when it became clear British Light-Heavyweight champion Peter Oboh was refusing to defend his crown despite being at the venue, having made weight and with the crowd in their seats was a postcard picture. No words could convey the disbelief better than Powell’s jaw resting on his knees. Continue reading “Oboh Gets The Violin Out”

Haye Convinces the Doubting Tomasz’

HayeYesterday I commented on the two-tone nature of Tomasz Bonin’s heavyweight credentials, on the one hand he had an aesthetic record of 37-1, was ranked #11 by the WBC, appeared rugged and game – on the other he had a flattering ledger with no quality on it, an unqualified ranking and at 231 pounds still looked to be carrying extra ‘timber’ of a relaxed rather than tense nature. So a certain context is required before adding to the bravado and hoopla David Haye’s devastating stoppage of the gutsy Pole has induced.

Continue reading “Haye Convinces the Doubting Tomasz’”

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