PR: Murray unsurprised at ‘joker’ Khan’s knock-back



Hennessy Sports promoted John Murray is not surprised that his British lightweight rival Amir Khan rejected an offer to fight him this Saturday on potentially the biggest event in boxing history, despite the Olympic Silver medalist’s false claim that he ‘played’ with him in sparring. Continue reading “PR: Murray unsurprised at ‘joker’ Khan’s knock-back”

Boxing is a brave man’s sport

And the sky is blue, grass is green. An obvious statement of course, but the weekend corner retirement of Acelino Freitas brought down the curtain on a distinguished career and it would be sad if the hard-punching Brazilian is remembered only for quitting versus Diego Corrales and young Juan Diaz at the weekend. It would be unjust to overlook his longevity and the knockout streak of his youth.

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Beyond Castillo; Is Hatton’s Cupboard Bare?

tumbleNobody could question the legitimacy of the venerable Jose Luis Castillo as an opponent for the Mancunian terrier Ricky Hatton in June; the 37 year old warrior is a revered fighter, capable of an outstanding punch output, an unflinching desire for combat and a rounded technical game. The clash promises high-octane, high quality toe to toe action and whatever the relative merits of the two in pound for pound terms it is a proper fight and the type Hatton urgently needs. After Castillo however, the way forward is far less clear.

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