Adamek to ride shot Gunn

GunnBobby Gunn is a curious phenomenon. No other fighter, whether christened Floyd, Bernard or Oscar has engendered the type of readership and commentary that articles about the Celtic Warrior have. I suppose that might say as much about the sporadic readership of this gloomy corner of the blogosphere as any significance Gunn actually holds for boxing fans at large but it forces me to ensure his doubtless plucky lunge at Tomasz Adamek, the number one Cruiserweight in the world, doesn’t pass with out some message of good luck.

Ever since he was plucked from obscurity by the matchmaker at Sports Network to face the then WBO title holder Enzo Maccarinelli the earnest fighter has held a clear position in the memories of British fight fans, maligned for his lack of credibility as an opponent for the then upwardly mobile Maccarinelli and for the protestation that he was the most ferocious fighter since Jack Dempsey he has become the short-hand for weak and underserving challengers. But Gunn maintained dignity and kept busy in the aftermath of the Maccarinelli debacle and the collection of minor and marginal belts he has laid claim to suggest a fighter willing to do the bidding of virtually any sanctioning body to realise his dream of another world title shot.

His dedication and determination cannot be criticised, and if the IBF deem him credible as a challenger for Tomasz Adamek then I for one wish him well. Adamek’s handlers, as Maccarinelli’s before him, believe the 35 year old is a routine defence ahead of bigger unifications or possible money-spinning clashes with Hopkins or Jones Jnr, and though Adamek doesn’t claim the power of Maccarinelli who bludgeoned Gunn in a round, the natural assumption is a clear and quick victory for the Ring recognised champion.

Gunn’s pre fight talk of “having nothing to lose”, “smelling an upset” and launching a “kamikaze challenge” illustrate his own recognition of the enormity of his task, it would be an enormous upset were he to some how make the leap to Adamek’s level and it strikes me as unlikely that the Pole will have taken Gunn so lightly as to afford the challenger opportunity beyond his limited ability.

Best of luck trying though Bobby.



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