Warren and ITV Contract Negotiations

itvLittle more than a snippet really, but the Guardian yesterday reported that Frank Warren has rejected ITV’s latest contract offer for the rights to broadcasting the on-going fortunes of Amir Khan, Joe Calzaghe and the rest of Warren’s Sports Network stable. Following two years of mixed results from the partnership I would assume ITV are driving a tougher bargain this time round, as a more informed customer they will surely be stipulating an improvement in quality is paramount.

Little surprise then that Joe Calzaghe continues to name-check Bernard Hopkins and Jermaine Taylor as he represents the biggest bait Warren can offer to catch the big terrestrial fish again. Warren’s willingness to bid for the fights of his rivals; e.g. Clinton Woods from Fight Academy and Carl Froch from Hennessey, in purse situations suggests an acceptance that his own stable lacks the marquee fighters it once boasted.

Scott Harrison, Johnny Nelson and Ricky Hatton are three world champions lost since Warren signed with ITV to either drink, injury or another promoter. They’ve left a glaring hole in his stable and even the temporary solution of Audley Harrison was derailed spectacularly last time out.

For all the criticism and misfortune I do hope a new deal can be secured. Boxing needs the mainstream exposure.

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  1. No problem, as I’ve suggest in the article posted today- it will be a travesty if the two cards aren’t featured. But obviously, ITV’s head man – I believe he’s called MARK Sharman – is playing a bold game of brinksmanship with an opponent, Warren, who is unflinching at the negotiating table.


  2. Thanks a lot for the quick response. I have emailed quite a few people, and no-one seems to have any idea – or they just havent responded!

    The card looks very, very interesting, so Im hoping they do show it!
    As much as Id like them to show boxers from other stables, and it not just be the Frank Warren Show, I do believe that no boxing on terestrial TV is bad for the sport.

    Both the 14th and the 21st look like really good cards, so Im hoping ITV show it.

    If not, surely Warren would be one of the only major promoters to put a big, big show on without TV coverage?


  3. I’m not entirely sure Joe. ITV maintain a 2 hour window on the day of Warren’s nect show so one presume a deal is expected if yet finalised.

    Certainly, one would expect ITV to be driving a harder bargain this time around given the Manfredo and Gunn shambles last time out.

    And Warren is creating a compelling card for the 14th, a typical negotiating tactic.


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