Congratulations to ITV Boxing’s John Rawling

microphoneSir John of Rawling, as Steve Bunce calls him since he earned the commentator’s chair at ITV, has been criticised a great deal over the past couple of years for glossing over mismatches presented by ITV’s exclusive promoter Frank Warren and for being a little too damning, though subtle, of rival promoters and fighters. And for me he talks a little too much during the introductions and the fight, but his award from the Royal Television Society rewards his quality deliver, knowledge of the sport and unflinching enthusiasm for the subject.Of the other recipients Ron Atkinson will be the most talked about – three years on from his sacking for making racists remarks on air about Marcel DeSailly, the French centre back – but the most worthy was little Hazel Irvine who does a commendable job handling BBC’s minority sports, most notably Snooker.

One thought on “Congratulations to ITV Boxing’s John Rawling

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  1. Did you use the phrase “..rewards his quality deliver” in reverence to Ron Atkinson?

    Oh, how I miss Big Ron. His ‘very much so’ quack-quack and tendency to use the verb form when the adjective was needed (“that’s a great arrive from Scholes” or, “what a wonderful deliver from Giggs”) warmed the heart.

    Seriously, I don’t get to hear Rawling these days, but he’s a quality operator and I felt he was over-criticised when he leapt over the TV-radio boundary.

    Lest we forget, the best blow-by-blow man operating on TV today, Mr Darke, was BBC radio boxing commentator once upon a time.


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