Elcock’s Trainer Wins Eastman Purse Bids

ELCOCKBirmingham’s prominent Middleweight hope, Wayne Elcock will face Howard Eastman, the British and Commonwealth Champion, on a card promoted by his own trainer and Pat Cowdell following their successful purse bid for the bout.

Electing to keep the date and venue will suit both fighters, as another delay would have caused further frustration for fans too. Elcock will enjoy home advantage at the Aston Leisure Centre on September 28th. And the fight will presumably be rauciously attended by Birmingham’s growing boxing fan-base.

Eastman’s quality and level of competition will make him a favourite for the bout, but Elcock will be eager to inflict the veteran contender’s first defeat on British soil and is certainly eager to grasp the opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Elcock’s Trainer Wins Eastman Purse Bids

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  1. Dick,

    Thanks for the heads up. However, perhaps you should re-read the item – Wayne’s trainer AND Pat Cowdell won the purse bids.

    Lifted straight from a message from Wayne himself.


  2. You’ll find, Mr Payne, that Pat Cowdell is not Wayne’s trainer – that would be Paddy (Pat) Lynch.

    Cowdell has nothing to do with Elcock, just wants to put the fight on.


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