Boxing: Behind the smile, Ali Nuumbembe

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14th November 2005

AliIf it’s true that boxing sold its soul to television networks a generation ago, eagerly snatching pay-per-view’s 30 pieces of silver and prostituting itself on the behest of an array of clandestine figures and their grubby titles. The story of Ali Nuumbembe, a Namibian welterweight, and philanthropic publican Chad Parker with whom he plots a path to boxing glory from the obscurity of a refitted caravan in Glossop, England, will help remind fans that for all its faults, boxing remains the sport “to which all other sports aspire.”

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Boxing: Never mundane Mundine May Quit

MundineSuper-Middleweight contender Anthony Mundine may elect to quit, or in fact be forced to quit boxing following an eye infection that threatened, and still threatens, to cost the opinionated Australian his sight in one eye. If ever there was a lesson for lazy contact lense wearers, that licking the said lense to clean it is a shortcut to misery, this must surely be it. From a worry to reality in just a few days, Dick Caine a friend of Mundine confirmed to Fox Sports Australia that some sight loss was now unavoidable. A development that almost certainly draws his boxing career to a premature conclusion. Continue reading “Boxing: Never mundane Mundine May Quit”

Boxing: The good, the bad and the ugly

goodConfirmation the clash between Oleg Maskaev and Samuel Peter for the WBC Heavyweight championship will take place on October 6th at Madison Square Garden was announced this week. A solid fight between two punchers, one with a chin, one without. The winner is expected to be forced to accommodate returning champion Vitaly Klitschko next time out. Its easy to see why Maskaev was eager to snatch a soft defence versus Peter Okhello, a fighter for whom world-title fights should be a spectator sport, in his most recent outing. Peter then Klitschko is a tough run. Continue reading “Boxing: The good, the bad and the ugly”

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