Riddick-ulous Bowe to Return Again

RiddickI’ve never been punched in the face for pay, I’ve been punched in the face for far less but we haven’t time for that, and I’m therefore always reluctant to pass judgement on the freedom of  a man to make money from the hardest game of all. But in the case of Riddick Bowe  I have to make an exception. This is a man who claimed cerebral degeneration due to blows absorbed in the ring in a court of law. A ruse which is no longer convenient and, in the best traditions of boxing, is overlooked by the commissions willing to clear the former champion to fight. Continue reading “Riddick-ulous Bowe to Return Again”

Hold on to your hat: Hatton-Mayweather is ON!

Hatton2A few fans and writers will be force fed their hats and copius amounts of humble pie today as the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather, rated as the finest fighter on the planet, and human piranha Ricky Hatton took another giant step toward reality.  According to Ray Hatton, not only has son Ricky signed the contract, so has Floyd – essentially, the deal is done. Continue reading “Hold on to your hat: Hatton-Mayweather is ON!”

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