Boxing: Achieving the Unachievable? Holyfield Gets The Shot

Evander3In truth Evander Holyfield’s status as a boxing legend is already assured. Any fighter who has clashed with Holmes, Bowe, Foreman, Lewis and Tyson, irrespective of their age and form at the time, is clearly a world-class operator and the manner of Holyfield’s performances during his pomp endeared him to a generation, or two, of boxing fans. His latest run at the title, as a forty something has on occasion looked capable of undermining all of his preceding achievements, but Evander, the most irrepressible of men, may yet have the last laugh. Thanks to the withdrawal of Ruslan Chagaev, he has his shot. Continue reading “Boxing: Achieving the Unachievable? Holyfield Gets The Shot”

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Kipling?

PropagandaOver at, the first barely audible whispers of a potential third bout between Danny Williams and Matt Skelton are being heard. According to the newly svelte Williams, a rubber match with Skelton will hopefully precede a second shot at one of the four major belt holders. Now where have I heard that line before?

Continue reading “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Kipling?”

Je-wish Greenberg Would Step Up? I do

First StepsRoman Greenberg is an unbeaten heavyweight. He’s variously been complimented on his hand-speed and combination punching. Latterly, he’s been maligned for his soft physique, lack of snap in his punches and for progressing at a rate so slow – only video replay confirms he’s moving forward. Next up for the Russian born, British managed, Israeli national is Damon Reed. Groan. Continue reading “Je-wish Greenberg Would Step Up? I do”

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