Pugilistic Dementia; Something old, something new?

MikeQFew writers met the news of Oscar DeLaHoya intention to continue fighting with the type of disappointment expressed by Bill Dwyre at the LA Times. Is every other writer too entrenched in the hushed, unspoken agreement to keep boxing relevant, to comment objectively? Is Bill the sole voice of reason? Recycling the last remaining superstars of the 1990’s is a tired but reliable format after all. Continue reading “Pugilistic Dementia; Something old, something new?”

Boxing: “Misty watercoloured memories, of the way we were”: Jones Jnr. v Trinidad

TitoI should be able to rub my hand across the nape of my neck and feel hair bristling, I should be able to stop in the work’s canteen today and exchange views on one of the greatest match-ups of the modern era. “Roy Jones is gonna fight Tito Trinidad? Wow, what a fight!” Except of course, my hairs remain pretty sleepy and friends in the canteen lost interest in boxing when Naseem retired, oh, and the fight is six years past its sell by date too. Continue reading “Boxing: “Misty watercoloured memories, of the way we were”: Jones Jnr. v Trinidad”

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