Boxing: Three is a crowd – Guerrero gets new opponent

OpportunityThe withdrawal of Jorge Barios from his headline bout with Juan Manuel Marquez presented popular Texan contender Rocky Juarez with a short-cut back to elite level, one he gleefully accepted. Pencilled in to face Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero on the under card, the show promoters, GBP, offered Juarez the chance to step in ahead of the IBF champion. So what of Guerrero? Well, the 24 year old will now face Mexican rough-house Martin Honorio.  And he’ll have his hands full.

Miguel Serrano, arguably the busiest publicist on the circuit, is eager to point fans to an excellent article penned by Josh Koehn at the Gilroy Dispatch in which Guerrero suggest any employment of the dirty tactics that helped Honorio derail Steve Luevano in November 2005, will be returned with interest. “You got to keep him honest,” Guerrero said. “You got to get dirty with ’em and let ’em know you’re not a pushover.”

Guerrero has been well promoted, and as custodian of the IBF Featherweight champion is well placed to capitalise on the looming departures of modern greats Barrera and Marquez and the retirement of Scott Harrison, though the former WBO champion may not be aware he’s retired yet. In short, the featherweight division is in transition with the veterans either retiring or moving up the weight classes. It will be an interesting year or two and Guerrero – and Juarez for that matter – will doubtless be key players.

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