Exclusive: Boxing Writer T-Shirt Shop

BoxingWriterShopIt may prove to be the most under-used facility since the Baghdad Tourism Office but I’ve developed a range of simple, classic t-shirts featuring the professional win-loss records of a host of boxing legends. Made to order, to high quality specification the shirts present good value with prices starting around £12. Fighters from the recently lost Diego Corrales to Mike Tyson are featured with a few lesser known gems in between. Click the t-shirt link on the right to be directed to the site or click here.

All sales are supported by the Spreadshirt franchise site and provide excellent quality, service guarantee and swift delivery. No product is official fighter merchandise or endorsed by any fighter or promoter, the fight records featured are win-loss records and do not include draws or no contests.

The Rock

11 thoughts on “Exclusive: Boxing Writer T-Shirt Shop

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  2. Phew – sorry for the late update.

    okay – T-shirts arrived, well packaged, on Saturday morning. So ordered June 5th at around 14:30ish, delivered June 9th. Good quality material, quite thick for a basic T actually with the text printed on. Im around 5ft 11, 12st 3lbs and I think the medium fits me better than the large.

    Any questions post below and I’ll answer as best I can.


  3. Can you do a Jimmy “Little Atom” Wilde T-shirt ??

    133-4 with 99kos cant be knocked.

    Ive not had mine through yet, although i did receive an e-mail on Weds saying they’d been shipped out to me, so they may arrive today or tomorrow. The comms from the t-shirt shop are pretty good.


  4. Hello SD

    Both were good choices. I believe delivery is pretty swift and I’m also reasonably confident in the quality given the size of the German network supporting the production.

    Send a, fully clothed, snap with the t-shirt on and I’ll stick it as a link.


  5. Must confess to purchasing 2 out of interest yesterday… hopefuly they’ll arrive and Mr Paynes next rambling wont be from a Las vegas penthouse with my thirty squid.


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