Boxing: Frank Maloney’s cold-shower for Belshaw’s prospects

Every press release I’ve read about big Scott Belshaw has been heavily doused in salt. Frank Maloney is a wise old hand at generating attention for his fighters and he’s used every reference possible to project Belshaw as a raw puncher with a big future. Last week Belshaw was calling out Audley Harrison, who for all his vulnerability and idiosyncrasies, would walk through Belshaw in less than a minute.

Yes, that Audley. Okay maybe two.

Having watched Belshaw gain revenge over Daniel Peret, the only man to beat him in 10 paid outings, before the summer break I have to say there is precious little to excite or encourage. Following a weekend victory over Cruiserweight Pavol Polakovic in which the youngster was dropped in the 6th, Maloney has, temporarily, agreed. Giving the Irishman a public dressing down and questioning the 23-year old’s aptitude for the professional ring.

I wish the young fellow no ill-will but he lacks any zing in his punches, has stiff legs and throws wide arm shots. He also has precious little idea of what to do under-attack. He moved to 9-1 (7ko) following his latest win but Maloney clearly believes some harsh reflection is required. The heavyweight division is no place for gentle giants.

And for all the tutelage of Brian Lawrence and the protection his tender years and experienced handlers afford him, ultimately he either has it or he doesn’t. Thus far, the latter looks entirely more likely.

The always on the spot provide a comprehensive review of the fight.

Boxing opinion and insight by David Payne

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