PPV featuring Amir Khan, Alex Arthur and erm…

Bad luck is just that. Bad luck. Contingencies can be prepared up to a point, but the misfortune befalling Frank Warren’s compilation of a value for money PPV card this weekend is going beyond what any matchmaker could allow for. First, Paul Smith’s revenge mission with Steve Bendall fell by the wayside, then Martin Rogan couldn’t quell the pain in his hands to face Harrison and now Stephen Foster Jnr has pulled out on Femi Fehintola with less than a week to go.

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Audley Harrison and the search for a foe

It isn’t Audley Harrison’s fault Martin Rogan has been forced to withdraw at the eleventh hour but there is an air of inevitability about the doom and gloom surrounding Harrison’s attempt at a comeback. Harrison cannot complain of his misfortune too much, he’s a wealthy man who has lost every fight of meaning in his professional career and aged 36 is very fortunate to be afforded the attention he still attracts. Continue reading “Audley Harrison and the search for a foe”

Don King signs Barrera, does it still matter?

In any consideration of those who transcended boxing over the past 30 years and found a place in the consciousness of the general public; Ali, Foreman and Tyson would surely stand head and shoulders above even Sugar Ray Leonard, Prince Naseem Hamed and Oscar DeLaHoya. Though not strictly a sporting figure, having never seen combat inside the ring, I think the man who stood between Ali and Foreman back in 1974 and who oversaw much of the money-making period of Mike Tyson’s career is arguably boxing’s fourth most recognisable face, Don King. Does this week’s signing of Barrera show an ebbing significance or  the beginning of a renaissance for boxing’s most infamous promoter?

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August Fighter of the Month: Cedric Boswell

It may appear a theme or pattern is being established in the selection of the BoxingWriter.co.uk fighter of the month, the first winner Monte Barrett was selected for extinguishing the flicker of respect Tye Fields had ignited by rubbing the two sticks of his talent together and last month Antonio Margarito triumphed having snapped the unbeaten record of Miguel Cotto. August’s victor, Detroit born Cedric Boswell trumps Joshua Clottey for the most eye-catching performance of the month by destroying pampered heavyweight protege Roman Greenberg in two rounds. I had custard with my humble pie. Continue reading “August Fighter of the Month: Cedric Boswell”

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