PPV featuring Amir Khan, Alex Arthur and erm…

Bad luck is just that. Bad luck. Contingencies can be prepared up to a point, but the misfortune befalling Frank Warren’s compilation of a value for money PPV card this weekend is going beyond what any matchmaker could allow for. First, Paul Smith’s revenge mission with Steve Bendall fell by the wayside, then Martin Rogan couldn’t quell the pain in his hands to face Harrison and now Stephen Foster Jnr has pulled out on Femi Fehintola with less than a week to go.

Not to mention the defection of Derry Matthews to Hayemaker Promotions and the none appearance of Enzo Maccarinelli who was once mooted for the bill too. To be fair the recruitment of George Arias to face Audley Harrison, given the short notice of the assignment, is better than expected but the supporting cast for Khan’s debut as a PPV attraction lacks any luster or substance.

Alex Arthur versus Nicky Cook is a solid if unspectacular contest, carrying a world-title belt despite neither man ever having beaten a top-ten Super-Featherweight and in Cook’s case never having fought at the weight in a title contest, domestic or otherwise.

Khan has much to do to justify the expense and inferred promotion to PPV status. On paper, the whole bill is woefully short of 50-50 bouts or any fights of the requisite meaning – and the withdrawals are not making the case for purchasing the show any easier to make.

Sport Network’s resident matchmaker, Dean Powell will probably have the warmest mobile phone in the UK this week as he seeks to reconstruct the under-card to help merit the £14.99 Sky Sports are asking existing subscribers to stump up to see the show.

If the remains of the original bill are anything to go by he may need to add Holyfield v Tyson III as a special attraction to tempt those looking to make an anti-PPV stance on this one.


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