Boxing: A sport of humans, not robots; chin up Tony Jeffries

I met British Super-Middleweight champion Paul Smith at the weekend, Paul and I have exchanged opinions, messages via various internet methods for a year or two but there is no facsimile for meeting someone in person. True, Paul proved as generous and humble with his time as the virtual discourse had suggested he would but putting the flesh to the on-screen skeleton of that connection reminded me of two things. Continue reading “Boxing: A sport of humans, not robots; chin up Tony Jeffries”

Smith v Quigley as it happens: Live

Paul SmithGenuine electricity in the air as fellow Liverpudlians clash for the British Super Middleweight title, thankfully officiated by Richie Davies – the most respected referee in the country. Each time these two have met in the build up to this fight, sparks have flown. It could be about who holds their composure in the red-hot arena of the Echo arena. If it does, Smith holds the greater experience. Continue reading “Smith v Quigley as it happens: Live”

PPV featuring Amir Khan, Alex Arthur and erm…

Bad luck is just that. Bad luck. Contingencies can be prepared up to a point, but the misfortune befalling Frank Warren’s compilation of a value for money PPV card this weekend is going beyond what any matchmaker could allow for. First, Paul Smith’s revenge mission with Steve Bendall fell by the wayside, then Martin Rogan couldn’t quell the pain in his hands to face Harrison and now Stephen Foster Jnr has pulled out on Femi Fehintola with less than a week to go.

Continue reading “PPV featuring Amir Khan, Alex Arthur and erm…”

Contender Star Paul Smith In Action Dec 8

Paul SmithUnbeaten Contender star Paul Smith Jnr., re-emerges domestically from his successful stint in the third series of the boxing reality show stateside on the December 8th card scheduled for the Bolton Arena (according to or the Reebok stadium (according to Smith’s Myspace circular). Regardless of venue, presumably, it will be a support for Amir Khan’s tangle with Graham Earl.

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